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Cloth Brush

  • WHC-2020


  • Lint Brush
  • Cloth Brush
  • rotatable
  • travel
  • Product description: Rotatable Cloth Brush, Lint Brush
  • Small Size Rotatable Cloth Brush, Lint Brush
    1. Easily and quickly removes animal hairs, dust and lint from garments, furniture and car seats.
    2. Used for wiping off hair, dust and scurf on clothes, cars, sofas, blankets, curtains and beds.
    3. Small, exquisite and convenient to carry.without electricity .
    4. No noise and no electromagnetism disturbed.
    5. Cleaning tapes can be used for families, hospitals, offices and other .special places (such as railways, engine rooms, computer rooms, labs)
    6. It is a green product.
    7. It can stick the lint from pets.

  • Product description

    Handle: Polypropylene
    Cloth:   Polyster

    People & Planet

    Product possible to recycle or use for energy recovery, if available in your community. Rotatable Cloth Brush, Lint Brush. No button, need to rotate the brush by hand. 



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